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Art, greeting cards and postcards

Postcards are A6 size – these are 30p each with colour front and black or grey text on the back. Minimum order is 32. 100 will cost just £25. If you want the postcards to be square or DL size, just ask!

Business cards £25 per 100.

Art and Greeting cards come in several standard sizes, supplied scored, with envelopes and cellophane packets. We print cards on 3 differents stocks to your choice. Please see the table below for size and price guide.

codeFolded SizeMin. orderprice per 12price per 100
A4-521x15cm 8"x6"128.4060.00
DL21x10.5cm 8"x4"128.4060.00
15SQ15x15cm 6"x6"128.4060.00
7x518x13cm 8"x6"128.4060.00
12SQ12.5x12.5cm 5"x5"127.7057.00
A5-615x10.5cm 6"x4"125.7044.00
10SQ10x10cm 4"x4"125.3037.00
A6-710.5x7.5cm 4"x3"166.00 per 1637.00


Print prices are based on the paper weight and the paper area. Generally we print on large format roll paper, so you aren’t limited to standard A sizes. We can print up to 1.1m x 4.5m.

To calculate non-standard sizes just take the desired paper height and width in cm and multiply to get the area, and find the nearest column in the table; (interpolate if necessary).

Single weight matte 120gsm (poster paper) 0.50
Olmec matte 230gsm 6.209.5013.9016.0029.1055.30
Prüf satin lustre 260gsm 6.109.2013.4015.5028.0053.10
Hahnemühle German Etching 320gsm 7.5011.9017.9020.9038.8074.70

 Canvas Prices



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