Print Prices

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Print prices are based on the paper weight and the paper area. Generally we print on large format roll paper, so you aren’t limited to standard A sizes. We can print up to 1.1m x 4.5m.

To calculate non-standard sizes just take the desired paper height and width in cm and multiply to get the area, and find the nearest column in the table; (interpolate if necessary).



600cm² (A4)1200cm² (A3)2000cm² (A3+)2400cm² (A2)4800cm² (A1)9600cm² (A0)
Olmec matte 230gsm6.6010.0014.6016.9030.8058.40
Hahnemuehle German Etching7.9012.7019.1022.3041.4079.70
Above are our Canvas Prices. Giclee printed canvas on Paladino Polycotton canvas 390gsm. Each canvas is sprayed with a Satin coat that guarantees 75 years protection if not displayed in direct sunlight. Canvas’s are stretched with either a single (20mm) or double (40mm) stretcher.

To calculate the price choose one of your measurements on the top row then work your way down the column until you reach your second measurement and that is the price. For example a 35cmx45cmm 40mm deep canvas is £51.

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