Many people come to us with a strong vision of what needs to be said on their leaflets, adverts, party invitations and in their books, but sometimes their vision isn’t quite so clear when it comes to layout design or strong branding – this is where we can step in and help!

We can provide you with:

⇒ Logo and branding design

⇒ Layout design for leaflets, invitations and books

⇒ Handwritten type for your special occasion e.g wedding invitations and place cards

⇒ The hourly rate is £36 per hour and allow up to two changes for no added cost.


Using WordPress, we can also design you a simple website if you don’t have one already.

⇒ Free initial consultation to discuss what you need

⇒ £100 for overall set-up

⇒ £36 per hour for maintainence and updating the website (uploading new images, changing written content etc)

⇒ Annual charge of £20 for the domain

All we ask of you is to tell us exactly what you want on your site…

⇒ A clear brief on how you want the site to look (examples would be great!)

⇒ Menu specification (i.e pages within the menu)

⇒ Written content for each page

⇒ Images for your gallery



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